Happy Thursday everyone! I was unfortunately unable to post yesterday so today I will be sharing a photo and a video to make up for it ūüôā

I tried out my first outdoor time lapse, still lots to learn but I think it worked out well. This time lapse was done on an iphone6 and my phone froze and shut off after about 15 minutes because I had it right on top of the snow… Oops! Hopefully when the weather gets a little warmer I’ll be able to take longer time lapses. Longer time lapses would mean that clouds, water, cars, sun, etc would be moving much faster.

This picture is of my friend Emma standing on the lookout on Parc Jean Drapeau with the Montreal skyline in front of her! I love how she is in focus and the skyline is out of focus, thanks to some F-stop adjustments.

Take advantage of the beautiful winter weather!

Happy snapping!


P.s. I hope you’re able to play the video!


Today was my first iPhone photo!

I had the gym ALL to myself today, my favourite. Getting back into the gym is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m not afraid to flaunt it! I can’t wait to become strong like I once was!

This photo is of a medicine ball and the sprinting track at the gym where I did the majority of my work out.

And yes I brought my phone into the gym, I wasn’t about to bring my real camera.

Movement is medicine.

Happy snapping!


My Best Friend

Meet Maggie, my best friend and pseudo-therapy dog. I owe her so much more than she will ever know (because she’s a dog). This is the dog with the best personality I’ve ever met.

She’s scared of my camera. I had to bribe her with treats for this photo.

Happy snapping!



Greek Yogurt Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting

Sundays are for baking and obsessing over your electric stand mixer!

Today I made greek yogurt cupcakes with blackberry frosting, a recipe by Natasha from They are super easy to make, they taste great AND they’re quite photogenic. I will post the link to the recipe at the bottom. They are a great healthy alternative to the classic cupcakes with frosting or a cake.

Im going to start to try and encompass my days into one picture, a challenging task but worth it to look back on at the end of the year!

Who knew you could take 40 different pictures of cupcakes!?!

Happy snapping!



Link to Recipe.

Baby its cold outside!

Can you tell how cold it is out there just from looking at this photo?

I almost froze my face off.

This is Prince of Wales Falls (Hog’s Back Falls) in Ottawa, Ontario, a series of artificial waterfalls that eventually leads into the famous Rideau Canal. I hope to be able to take a picture of the Canal on a warmer day!

I had to turn my shutter speed WAY up and my ISO way down for this photo. Im getting much more used to using the settings on my camera, so thats exciting!

Even though its absolutely freezing outside this weekend, its still beautiful! So bundle up, get out and enjoy nature!

Happy Snapping!



Train 39

Travelling from Montreal to Ottawa on Via Rail train #39.

Loving the symmetry in this shot. Unfortunately there appears to be a lot of noise in this photo, I believe lowering the ISO would fix this issue. I just checked the stats for this picture and the ISO was 6400.. that is the highest my camera goes, A.K.A MUCH too high. Ooops.

Happy snapping! (And always check your ISO.)


IMG_3149 2.JPG


A short post today. Studying at a café today for some midterms this week.

A close up of my coffee, with a little touch of foam art.

Focus was alright, may need to invest in a macro lens… this project may get expensive.

Happy snapping!



The Main Constellations

My first time shooting at night, and I’d say it turned out pretty well with the gear that I had on hand! This was this evening in The Plateau of Montreal on St. Laurent street. This street is often called “The Main” (so says my Grandma, she must be right since she grew up here) hence why the plateau’ers have named the lights above the street “The Main Constellations”. Taking pictures of these lights proved to be a bit of a dangerous task. 10/10 would not recommend running in between traffic to get a good shot. I at LEAST had a friend with me to warn me if there was a car coming for me. Although many photographers don’t like having glare in their photos, I think the glare of the headlights suits this photo quite well. I also enjoy how you can only see the bottom half of the buildings and they sort of fade out above the lights. I had to play around with the shutter speed quite a lot because it was so dark out side. Im thinking it may be time for a tripod…

I had planned to take some coffee photos today (which I did), but none of them really turned out or had the best lighting, in my opinion. From now on I’m not going to plan my photography subjects for the day, I’m just going to photograph whatever “speaks” to me that day. Going with the flow is not one of the strong points of my personality so we will see how this ‘not planning ahead’ goes.

“Change is difficult, not changing is fatal.”

P.S. Thank you Emma for directing traffic and making sure I didn’t get run over.

Happy snapping!



Black & White

Sometimes your photos only look good in black and white, and that’s okay.

For day 2, I chose to photograph the¬†Cath√©drale Marie Reine Du Monde¬†in the heart of downtown Montr√©al, Canada. This basilica was built in two major steps; the first from 1870 – 1878 and the second from 1885 – 1894. The construction was ordered by Mgr. Ignace Bourget, the second bishop of Montreal, to replace the former Cath√©drale Saint-Jacques which had burned in 1852. Bourget’s choice to replicate a scale model of Saint Peter’s Basilica was in response to a rivalry with the Sulpician order and the Anglican Church, both of whom preferred Neo-Gothic style instead (much like the Palace of Westminster in London, England). Today the basilica dominates Dorchester Square and is a highly sought-after location for weddings and baptisms. If you would like to read more about this elegant building I will post a link to the church’s website at the bottom of this post.

Now onto the photography. This photo was taken after school today around 5pm, I was joined by my friend Stephanie, a great assistant and pseudo-tripod. I had a hard time photographing the front of the building due to the overwhelming amount of pedestrians and vehicle traffic. I opted to shoot the side of the building instead and I love the worn look of the bricks and the medieval feel to the photo. However, I feel as though I failed to capture what had appealed to me about the building. But then again, its only day 2!

Enjoy the photo and let me know what you appreciated about this Cathedral if you have ever happened upon it!

Happy snapping!



Relevant Links: Cathédrale Marie Reine Du Monde Website