The Main Constellations

My first time shooting at night, and I’d say it turned out pretty well with the gear that I had on hand! This was this evening in The Plateau of Montreal on St. Laurent street. This street is often called “The Main” (so says my Grandma, she must be right since she grew up here) hence why the plateau’ers have named the lights above the street “The Main Constellations”. Taking pictures of these lights proved to be a bit of a dangerous task. 10/10 would not recommend running in between traffic to get a good shot. I at LEAST had a friend with me to warn me if there was a car coming for me. Although many photographers don’t like having glare in their photos, I think the glare of the headlights suits this photo quite well. I also enjoy how you can only see the bottom half of the buildings and they sort of fade out above the lights. I had to play around with the shutter speed quite a lot because it was so dark out side. Im thinking it may be time for a tripod…

I had planned to take some coffee photos today (which I did), but none of them really turned out or had the best lighting, in my opinion. From now on I’m not going to plan my photography subjects for the day, I’m just going to photograph whatever “speaks” to me that day. Going with the flow is not one of the strong points of my personality so we will see how this ‘not planning ahead’ goes.

“Change is difficult, not changing is fatal.”

P.S. Thank you Emma for directing traffic and making sure I didn’t get run over.

Happy snapping!




5 thoughts on “The Main Constellations

  1. E

    I, too, like the glare in this photo. I wonder how different it would look taken from the other direction with the red brake lights and reflections on the wet street. Nice shot!

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  2. PG

    Nice photograph. I agree with HS that you were able to capture many of the small details. I particularly like the fact that your photo is almost entirely black and white except for the colored light emitting from the commercial establishments. Well done MG

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