Baby its cold outside!

Can you tell how cold it is out there just from looking at this photo?

I almost froze my face off.

This is Prince of Wales Falls (Hog’s Back Falls) in Ottawa, Ontario, a series of artificial waterfalls that eventually leads into the famous Rideau Canal. I hope to be able to take a picture of the Canal on a warmer day!

I had to turn my shutter speed WAY up and my ISO way down for this photo. Im getting much more used to using the settings on my camera, so thats exciting!

Even though its absolutely freezing outside this weekend, its still beautiful! So bundle up, get out and enjoy nature!

Happy Snapping!




4 thoughts on “Baby its cold outside!

  1. E

    You’re right! Looks way too cold. I think I will enjoy nature vicariously through your photos today – so keep snapping! I do appreciate the black and white for this shot – good choice.


  2. PG

    Sooooo cold today !! However I have FN tea from E so all is good. MG you did an awesome job here. I like that its a b&w pic and that you captured it at this angle.Looks great and cold !


  3. BAN

    Love this photo. Not enough to want to go outside. Appreciate your dedication to this project that you went outside this morning and captured this for the rest of us!


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