My Best Friend

Meet Maggie, my best friend and pseudo-therapy dog. I owe her so much more than she will ever know (because she’s a dog). This is the dog with the best personality I’ve ever met.

She’s scared of my camera. I had to bribe her with treats for this photo.

Happy snapping!




6 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. E

    Nice photo, MG. You certainly are lucky that you were able to spend so much time with her. Hard to understand how healing a dog can be until you see the results. Amazing animals. We are all grateful for Maggie having seen your growth this past year. 😊

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  2. La Sabrosona

    Gorgeous dog! Great shot
    ps. I’m a chunky Canadian with a Canon…hopefully I’ll get inspired to take photos once the weather starts to behave a bit more 🙂


  3. PG

    Such a great pic of such a kind animal. That dog brings comfort, happiness, craziness, excitement, compassion and friendship to many people.
    Maggie knows when someone needs her, she’s the best.
    Excellent picture MG. Thanks for posting it.


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