Happy Thursday everyone! I was unfortunately unable to post yesterday so today I will be sharing a photo and a video to make up for it 🙂

I tried out my first outdoor time lapse, still lots to learn but I think it worked out well. This time lapse was done on an iphone6 and my phone froze and shut off after about 15 minutes because I had it right on top of the snow… Oops! Hopefully when the weather gets a little warmer I’ll be able to take longer time lapses. Longer time lapses would mean that clouds, water, cars, sun, etc would be moving much faster.

This picture is of my friend Emma standing on the lookout on Parc Jean Drapeau with the Montreal skyline in front of her! I love how she is in focus and the skyline is out of focus, thanks to some F-stop adjustments.

Take advantage of the beautiful winter weather!

Happy snapping!


P.s. I hope you’re able to play the video!


Baby its cold outside!

Can you tell how cold it is out there just from looking at this photo?

I almost froze my face off.

This is Prince of Wales Falls (Hog’s Back Falls) in Ottawa, Ontario, a series of artificial waterfalls that eventually leads into the famous Rideau Canal. I hope to be able to take a picture of the Canal on a warmer day!

I had to turn my shutter speed WAY up and my ISO way down for this photo. Im getting much more used to using the settings on my camera, so thats exciting!

Even though its absolutely freezing outside this weekend, its still beautiful! So bundle up, get out and enjoy nature!

Happy Snapping!